An Innovative Program that aims to provide Comprehensive Support to aspiring IIT- JEE individuals by offering Offline Coaching at Rs. 1, Hostel Facility at Rs. 1, and Food at Rs.1.

Note : VAJRA exam will be held on every SUNDAY between 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM(ONLINE MODE ONLY). Registration Fee Rs 99/-

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About VAJRA-111

Vibrant Academy Kota Introducing an innovative program that aims to provide comprehensive support to aspiring IIT- JEE individuals by offering offline coaching at Rs. 1, hostel facility at Rs. 1, and food at Rs.1. This program has been designed with the vision of empowering students who are meritorious but face financial constraints and lack access to quality educational resources. With a strong commitment to equality and inclusivity, this initiative opens door to those who are passionate about learning and determined to succeed in IIT - JEE.

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Vibrant academy provides a platform to students to excel in the field of engineering.

In today’s competitive scenario, it is quite evident to improve the level of awareness and imply the knowledge to the best concern.

We believe that IIT-JEE aspirants should be devoted and dedicated towards the attainment of their goals, with a view to perform better and better.

IIT-JEE is India’s most prestigious exam for engineering and for that one has to prepare oneself under the guidance and coaching by the finest minds.

Vibrant academy firmly believes to deliver superior services in the field of IIT-JEE preparation.

Our program is highly structured and designed appropriately to cope up with the present challenges.

Intensive and rich content enables the students to understand and prepare themselves for the most prestigious exam in the country.

We deliver comprehensive solutions to the masses in order to succeed in their respective field of engineering.


Our Directors

NJ Sir

Nitin Jain
(NJ Sir)


A very simple yet rock solid person, Mr. Nitin Jain is a Co-founder, Director and HOD of Physics. His method of teaching is unique and he is idolized by his students.He possesses the experience of teaching in this field for more than 26+ years.

Being an alumni of BITS Pilani, his contribution to this eminent institution in Kota provides expert guidance and the best solutions to the students for IIT-JEE. His book “University Physics for the JEE”, provides proper insight and encourages the aspirants to appear in National Level Competitions. Very gentle and helpful by nature Ninja Sir - as he is addressed by his students lovingly, is a very popular teacher indeed.


Neel Kamal Sethia
(NKS Sir)


Calm waters do run deep, Mr. Neel Kamal Sethia is a Co-founder, Director and HOD of Physics. He is an IITian from IIT Kharagpur (Hons.). He has been serving the cause of education for the last 23+ years.

His down to earth approach, quiet mannerism, great command & expertise over the subject provides a better understanding of the subject to IIT-JEE aspirants. He has written a book “University of Physics for JEE”. This book has been written, keeping in view the challenges faced by the high flyers. He has been constant in delivering the latest, upscale and qualitative education in Physics. He has a keen sense of humour and with his infectious smile, makes the students feel relaxed.

VG sir

Vikas Gupta
(VG Sir)


A calm and quiet man, gentling leading the students through the complexities of Mathematics is an IITian from IIT- Guwahati in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Vikas Gupta is a co-founder, Director and HOD of Mathematics.

He has been a part of this profession for the last 22+ years. His exclusive methodology and guidance is a great help for those who wish to fly high and achieve greater goals in life. To overcome the further challenges he has written “Advance Problems in Coordinate Geometry” and “Advance Problems in Mathematics”. Ever ready to help the students, he is a beacon of knowledge and fortitude, very popular amongst his students.

PJ sir

Pankaj Joshi
(PJ Sir)


A well-read person of a very wide range, Mr. Pankaj Joshi is a co-founder, Director and HOD of Mathematics. He completed his Graduation from NIT-Jamshedpur and a Gold Medalist in Masters.

He has been serving the noble cause of education for the last 22+ years. He is a dynamic personality and bestows quality education upon his students. By introducing the book “Advance problems in Mathematics” he established that efforts with determination and action lead to better results. The students under his guidance excelled in the subject year after year. He is a friend, philosopher and guide to those who seek it. It's a privilege to know him.

NA sir

Narendra Avasthi
(NA Sir)


A true visionary Mr. Narendra Avasthi is a Co-founder, Director and HOD of Physical Chemistry. He completed his graduation from NIT Jaipur in Chemical Engineering and Post-graduation course in Advanced Computing designed and developed by ACTS(Pune).

He is addressed as Sodium Sir by his students lovingly. A force to reckon with in his chosen field, he has been serving the cause of education for the past 22+ years.

After years of experience he has written books on Chemistry. “Problems in Physical Chemistry” and “Problems in Physical Chemistry for NEET/AIIMS”. He inspires the aspirants of IIT-JEE to work hard and put their heart and soul into it.

He is a living example of what he preaches.

He got the Prestigious Title of IRONMAN (3.8 KM swimming, 180 KM cycling, 42.2 KM running) at HAMBURG, Germany. He also completed Full Marathon at Leh(Ladakh) under sub-normal circumstances. He has finished more than a Dozen marathons & Half Marathons in last 2 years.

Thus, he proved everything and anything can be achieved through hard work, dedication and sustained efforts.

MSC sir

Mahendra Singh Chouhan
(MSC Sir)


An all-rounder Mr. Mahendra Singh Chouhan is a co-founder, Director and HOD of Organic Chemistry. He is a renowned name in the field of IIT-JEE preparation for the last 21+ years. His dedication and passion for teaching reflects in results of the students who are aiming for IIT JEE.

His core knowledge of the subject assists them to achieve their targets.

He is a profound author too, he has written (1)“Advance problems in Organic Chemistry for JEE”, (2) “Solomon’s-Organic chemistry for JEE (Main & Advance)”, (3) “Advance Theory in Organic Chemistry”, (4)”Advance test paper & Solution of Organic chemistry”, (5) “Elementary Problems in Organic chemistry for NEET/AIIMS”. After the thumping success of these books, he also launched a website “” & an App “Organic Chemistry Quiz”, a key to success for the technocrats.

Besides, he is a social activist, always helping the cause of down-trodden and deprived.

VKJ sir

Vimal Kumar Jaiswal
(VKJ Sir)


Endowed with a very pleasant personality Mr. Vimal Kumar Jaiswal is a Co-founder, Director and HOD of Inorganic Chemistry. He completed Master’s degree in Chemistry and Mass Communication in Science and Technology from Lucknow University.

He has been a part and parcel of this unique profession for the last 22+ years. He consistently provides effective education with a smile, so as to derive maximum from the aspirants. His efforts are commendable.

He is an academician who provides systematic theory and practice of inorganic chemistry to solve various problems. He is also the author of “Problems in Inorganic Chemistry” & “Problems in Inorganic Chemistry for NEET/AIIMS”.

Though profound and deep in his knowledge, he makes everybody feel relaxed, happy and eager to learn.

He is an asset to those who know him.


Frequently Asked Questions

1:  How can I register for VAJRA-111 scholarship exam?

Students can register with the help of the link given below.
Register Here

2:  For which class VAJRA-111 is applicable?

VAJRA-111 is applicable for 11th moving, 12th moving and 12th Passed students.

3:  How can I appear for VAJRA-111 scholarship exam?

Click here and use your registered mobile no. as your ID and Date of Birth as your password.

4:  What will be the test pattern for VAJRA-111 scholarship exam?

A test of 60 Minutes (1hrs) and consisting 50 Questions in online mode.

5:  What will be the marking scheme for VAJRA-111?

+4 for each Correct answer , -1 for every Incorrect answer and 0 for unmarked questions.

6:  What is VAJRA-111 scholarship exam is about?

VAJRA-111 is a scholarship exam in which student will get:-

7:  Is there any fee for VAJRA-111 scholarship program?

Yes, Registration Fee is Rs 99/-
(There will be no Registration Fee Between 15th August to 31st August.)

8:  Can any student appear in VAJRA-111 test on any device (PC, Laptop, Mobile, and Tab) or on particular device?

Yes, Student can appear in VAJRA-111 test on any device.

9:  How student will get to know about their Result?

Qualified students in VAJRA–111 exam will be informed within 7 to 10 days after the exam by Click Here.

10:  Is it compulsory for students to appear in VAJRA-111 to take Admission in VIBRANT Courses.

Students comulosorily need to appear and qualify the VAJRA/VIBRANT SCHOLARSHIP CUM ADMISSION TEST(VSAT) for taking admission in class 11th Or 12th.

11:  Can students appear in VAJRA-111 scholarship exam without internet connection?

NO, internet connection is required for giving the scholarship exam.

12:  Can student pause or suspend the VAJRA-111 exam ?


13:  Can student switch the screen and go to another tab during VAJRA-111 exam?

NO, Student cannot switch the screen and go to another tab during VAJRA-111.

14:  What will happen if some problem occurs during the VAJRA-111

Students may contact Vibrant Academy helpline no. 0744-3507788, 0744-2778899 between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. On Working Days.

15:  What are the timings for Online VAJRA-111 ?

Student can opt any timing between 10 AM to 6 PM.

16:  If a student wants to reappear in VAJRA-111, Can he/she?


17:  The scholarship received through VAJRA-111 is applicable for ONLINE Courses too?


18:  Can I get the sample paper of VAJRA-111?


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